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Birthday Photography

You've heard about Cake Smash Photography. Have you heard about the splash?!

Parents of babies have many things they want to do to make memories that will last a lifetime for their little ones. One of the biggest milestones in a baby’s life is his or her first birthday. For decades, parents have made it a point to take photos on this big day. However, one new trend has exploded in birthday photography over the last few years--cake smash photography.


Giving a baby a big piece of cake or even a small cake on his or her first birthday is nothing new. Parents have taken pictures of their babies with cake smeared all over for years. However, the cake smash photography concept takes this idea to the next level.


The baby will be dressed in a cute outfit and given a beautiful cake--usually chosen by the parents. The baby is posed in front of a backdrop on an easy-to-clean surface and he or she is given the cake. The photographer stands by at the ready and as soon as the baby begins “smashing” or playing with the cake, the photographer starts shooting.


The idea is that the baby will make an adorable, cute mess. Your baby will have a lot of fun with this photoshoot because he or she is allowed to get messy and eat cake! The photos turn out adorable and because it was carefully staged the mess isn’t out of control. That’s a win-win!


Cake smash photography is a lot of fun, and your pictures will come out much better when you work with a pro. If you would like more information about cake smash photography or other forms of birthday photography for your little one, reach out to us at Wanless Photography. Taking pictures of your little one is one of our favorite jobs.

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