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Maternity Photography

What Are Some Popular Family Photography Options?

Family photography is a lot of fun. Everyone wants to have pictures of their spouse, children or other loved ones that they can refer back to in later years. However, today’s family photos are nothing like they were 20 years ago. Family photos don’t have to be boring! Here are a few of the more popular family photography options that you may want to consider.


Maternity Photography - Pregnancy or maternity photos are very popular. The photos may be just of the mom-to-be or they could include the father as well. The photos usually focus on the pregnant belly--making it a cool “first photo” of a little one.


Birthday Photography - Taking photos of a loved one for his or her birthday is a lot of fun. For little ones, this can include a cake smash photo while older children may want to pose with friends or pets, or perhaps with the birthday cake.


Engagement Photos - An engagement photo is almost a “classic” when it comes to family photos. Most couples like to have their photos taken in a spot that is special to them, so the scenery can be a star too. The couple may wish to wear outfits that are coordinated or even matching, if applicable.


Matching Outfit Photos - One exciting photo option for your family is to have everyone wear matching or coordinating outfits. These photos can be whimsical or more formal, whatever works for you! This can be fun for families with several kids, especially.


As you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to family photos. If you would like to book a family photography session, reach out to us at Wanless Photography. We can help you find the perfect photo option for you that will make you memories that last a lifetime.

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