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Confessions of a Toronto Newborn Photographer

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I have stacks and stacks of diaries in boxes I am half terrified of my daughter, or son for that matter, finding eventually. The other half wants to save them for posterity. There was a period in my life that could possibly warrant a book… so I keep them.

This September my youngest, my son, started kindergarten. As an entrepreneur with a flex schedule I find myself with more flex and free time. I also find myself with many thoughts that are weighing on me. So today I thought why not journal. Why not write down what I am thinking and feeling. Maybe that will help resolve things, and maybe help someone out there.

Another aspect of this process is to avoid screen time and to work on my photography studio. So I am pencilling this out (and then typing out because I can type fast) over lunch with a cup of tea. Typing this out will also give me a chance to edit.

I’m having a hard time with self-discipline recently because with my kids in school, unless I have a newborn, maternity or family photography client booked at my studio, my or a deadline looming, I don’t “have to” do anything. So, writing may help me jerk me into action and clarify some of the fog in my head. Here is what I will endeavour to make my posts about:


- Me as a mom - Me as a woman - Me as an entrepreneur - running a photography business in Toronto has it's challenges - Funny stories, especially about my kids (not gross or embarrassing – even though there are many!) - Nothing concrete about my marriage (sorry! This is not about voyeurism) - Nothing about extended family except my grandmother because she’s my hero. - Nothing political except for feminism (this being political is unsettling) - So this will mostly be about struggles, dreams, joys, ridiculousness, mental health, physical health, dreams, adventures, balancing commitment to myself, family, health, future, growth. You know, small things ;)

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